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Sod it and leave it to us. Grass is greener with turf green pro's sod installation services

Sod for all seasons, sod for all reasons. Life is too short for bad grass

Discover the artistry of instant lawn transformation with Turf Green Pro’s meticulous sod
installation services. We bring vibrant, natural beauty to your outdoor space with
precision and expertise. Experience the Turf Green Pro advantage when considering
sod installation near me in Dallas Texas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

Sod Installation Dallas Expertise

Turf Green Pro’s expertise extends across the Dallas landscape. Our sod installation
Dallas services cater to the unique characteristics of the local environment, ensuring
your lawn flourishes with vitality.

Transparent Sod Installation Cost

Turf Green Pro maintains transparency with a comprehensive breakdown of the sod
installation cost. No hidden surprises, just a clear understanding of your lawn
transformation expenses. For Sod replacement, our prices start at only $850 per pallet installed for Bermuda grass installation and for St. Augustine grass. And for all kinds of zoysia sod installation prices start at $950 per pallet installed. Our sod installation rates include ground preparation which include tilling and leveling, one pallet of sod, laying grass, and rolling sod. Topsoil and other required materials is extra.

Local Accessibility and Commitment

Choose Turf Green Pro, your trusted Dallas sod company, for a commitment to
excellence in sod installation. Our local accessibility, expertise, and dedication to
transparent processes make us the go-to choice for transforming your outdoor space
into a vibrant, natural haven.

The Turf Green Pro Sod Installation Process

  • Step 1 In-Depth Site Analysis

    Our process begins with a detailed site analysis. We assess your lawn's current state, considering factors such as soil composition, sunlight exposure, and drainage. This in-depth analysis guides us in recommending the most suitable sod variety for optimal growth.

  • Step 2 Sod Selection for Quality and Aesthetics

    Turf Green Pro prioritizes quality in every aspect of our service. We offer a curated selection of sod varieties, ensuring not only optimal growth but also a visually appealing lawn. Our commitment to quality extends to creating a lush, green carpet for your outdoor space

  • Step 3 Precise Installation by Skilled Teams

    The heart of our service lies in the precise installation of sod by our skilled teams. We meticulously lay each piece, considering factors such as pattern and orientation to achieve a seamless finish. Our attention to detail ensures your lawn becomes an instant oasis.

  • Step 4 Post-Installation Care Guidelines

    Turf Green Pro doesn't consider the job done with installation. We provide comprehensive post-installation care guidelines, empowering you to nurture your newly sodded lawn. Our commitment to your lawn's long-term health extends beyond the installation process

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What They Say

Turf Green Pro's Artificial Turf Installation exceeded my expectations, turning my outdoor space into a lush haven. The precision and attention to detail they brought to the project showcased their commitment to excellence. Highly recommended for a vibrant and low-maintenance lawn!

Natalie Mirna Sales

Turf Green Pro's sod installation expertise transformed my yard into a vibrant landscape. The meticulous care they took in selecting and placing the sod resulted in a lush and healthy lawn. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I highly recommend their outstanding sod installation services.

Jodie Mcfadden Sales

Turf Green Pro's putting green installation is a game-changer! The precision and skill they applied to create a custom putting green in my backyard are truly impressive. Golfing enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail, making it the perfect addition for both aesthetics and recreation. Kudos to Turf Green Pro for their exceptional putting green service!

Jodie Mcfadden Sales
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